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The Tale of the Tattooed Mummy

The earliest sign of tattooing has dated back to 5,300 years when a mummy was found along the Italian Alps that had several tribal tattoos embedded into his bone. Tattooing has since evolved dramatically over the years. From tiny tribal India ink symbols to intricate pieces of artwork that stretch across a person’s entire body, there is no doubt that tattooing has become a social norm. Everywhere you turn someone is tattooed! One recent study showed that 1 in every 5 Americans has at least one tattoo.

With the new social norm of tattoos, there are bound to be many that are regrets. Laser Tattoo Removal is one of the highest in-demand treatments now more than ever. Usually the reasons for removal or regret are due to a drunken mistake or an ex-lovers name, but sometimes removal is for those who have simply “grown out” of their tattoos and want to make room for more!

In order to completely capture a client’s tattoo vision and achieve good results, tattoo artists are asking that their clients have their tattoos laser removed (or faded) before coming in for a cover-up.

There are many myths surrounding laser tattoo removal. A top myth is that it will leave behind a big ugly scar and will permanently ruin the skin. This is simply not true. Laser tattoo removal is very safe and when properly administered, with the correct settings, patients will see little to no scarring (of course this involves a great at home care plan as well).

At ILM, you can learn about Laser Tattoo Removal and get certified in one of the fastest growing aesthetic treatments in the industry.

Contributed by: Jillian Norton, Specialty Instructor, ILM

Aestheticians To Laser Aesthetician!

As an aesthetician, I never thought there would be an opportunity in my lifetime to expand my career to be able to operate a medical grade laser to help my clients with various skin disorders and concerns. I had always been fascinated by the skin care industry, which is why I initially studied nursing and then went on to become an aesthetician. But my curiosity wasn’t satiated with just aesthetics and I wanted to study how to treat skin and the myriad of skin conditions with lasers. This led me to expand my skills by attending a laser school where I was able to learn everything from laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing to body contouring and skin tightening.

There are many benefits that come with learning about various laser treatments including the following:

  • Advanced aesthetic laser skills not only open the door career-wise to laser centers and day spas, but also to plastic surgeons and various doctors’ offices.
  • You are able to combine traditional aesthetic treatments (i.e. peels, facials, etc.) with lasers treatments thus providing clients with greater potential for fantastic results.

According an article from PR Newswire (Medical Aesthetics Market, June 5th, 2015), the market and use of cosmetic lasers continues to expand and will continue to grow over the next few years. In fact, the article reports that the medical aesthetic market is “expected to reach $12.5 Million by 2020”! Combine that growth with some other advantages:

  • Medical spas and aesthetic centers operate in a comfortable setting under the supervision of a medical director.
  • They use the latest advances in medical technology to try and combat all areas of concerns to achieve results with clients.
  • Long term results can be achieved for face and body, health providing overall body well being.

  • Provide a broad range of additional service using different modalities that are attractive to office demographics; Radio-frequency, IPL (Intense Pulse Light), Gentle NDYag Lasers, Body Contouring and Permanent Sweat Reduction treatments.

As the medical aesthetic industry continues to expand, there will always be more for me to learn. I’m so happy I took the plunge in to the laser world of skin-care – it’s fascinating and I love the knowledge that I’m able to provide to my clients and students alike.

Contributed by: Carol Sassa, Lead Instructor at ILM

The Truth About Light Based Acne Therapy

If you are thinking about taking your acne therapy or treatment to the next level, you have a wide number of options at your disposal. When you are considering a higher level treatment for your acne, it is always best to fully understand what you are getting into before you make the investment. Here we reveal the truth about light based acne therapy, so that you don’t have to go into these higher level treatments with questions, concerns, or worse, fear.

What is light based acne therapy?

Light based acne therapy is exactly what it sounds like, an acne therapy using light to target your problem areas. There are many different kinds of light based acne treatment, and the kind you go with will depend on the extent of your acne. This treatment is generally managed over a few or several sessions depending on your acne. Your skin is exposed to the light therapy with the low intensity light beams acting directly on and destroying the bacteria in the oil glands of the affected areas. The lights will dry up and eradicate any excess production of oil, and eradicate your acne.

Who Its Best For

This treatment is best for people with moderate to severe acne that are having problems seeing results using other methods of acne therapy or treatment.
Are there side effects?

You may experience some temporary dryness or redness to the area that is being treated.

Is it permanent?

Light based acne therapy is one of the more permanent methods of acne treatment, but as acne is an ongoing problem, you may require ongoing treatment. Many studies have shown light based acne therapy results to last as long as two years or even longer.

Laser Hair Removal The Hottest Trend in Manscaping

Even though the very thought of tending to similar maintenance methods as your girlfriend or wife might make you cringe, when it comes to manscaping you don’t need to worry.

The truth is, nobody ever needs to know about it. So if you are going to do it anyway, and never want anybody to find out, you may want to consider laser hair removal, the hottest trend in manscaping today.

What is it?

A method that uses lasers to remove unwanted hair anywhere on your body.
It’s completely FDA approved and the one trend that men’s grooming experts can’t stop talking about.
A laser beam is used to kill the hair follicles, and permanently remove the hair in question.
It’s a permanent method of hair removal, but it does have some drawbacks, and is one of those treatments that isn’t necessarily best for everybody.

But if it’s right for you, say goodbye to unwanted hair forever.
The real beauty of this one is that you only have to do it once and nobody has to know about it if you prefer to keep it to yourself.
So what do you think? A permanent method of hair removal that nobody ever needs to find out about? Why not?

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