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“Both the laser tattoo removal and the comprehensive laser instructors deserve a 5. I loved that I was able to see everything. The actual machine and the videos were great. I learned so much in the courses I took! I am a recent graduate from esthetics school and this class actually helped me grasp things more than school did. I recommended it to my friends from school. Print out the workbook! It’s so worth it. I was able to keep up the whole time. I was able to answer questions and participate and it’s great to have after as well. ”

— Melvin  – PA

“I have just completed the new online training course and highly recommend ILM! The trainers all work in the field and are very knowledgeable. The course material was comprehensive and covered more than I even knew was out there! During the course, we were able to hear from multiple laser companies which made things exciting! I look forward to entering this field and I feel much more prepared to jump in!”

— Becca  – PA

“I'm so HAPPY Brittney convinced me to do the Virtual class! I feel like the classes were very informative and I can't wait to come in for the practical! Taking this class was the best investment this year I spent on myself and my Future! ”

— Amanda  – NY

“I got the opportunity to work with 3 instructors (Jodie, Catie, & Michael). All 3 were amazing and so experienced. The hands-on training left me feeling confident to go out and get a job. The class reading materials are great & informative. Scheduling a shadow day was no issue at all. They answered all of my questions. Best part is receiving the treatment in class! My skin feels great! ”

— Bonnie  – PA

“Comprehensive, Concise and Well Taught Course! Really enjoyed being in a small group of 6 where all questions were addressed and there were enough hands on experience to feel comfortable with the content. Catie (instructor) is amazing, providing real-life examples and tips on how to use the machines, what works and what doesn't, how the laser treatments should be seen as part of a holistic approach, etc. At the beginning, one may feel 4 days is not enough, but closer to the end the students build required confidence and the med Spa that hosts this training also offers free shadowing experience as needed and required. Highly recommend this course, had a great experience!”

— Tamara  – NJ

“Took the advanced Dermal Fillers class for cheeks and lips. Amy was amazing. The class was individualized and well done. ”

— Michele  – PA

“I have taken the one-day injectable class with Michael and the four-day comprehensive laser course with Jodi and both classes have been outstanding. The instructors are very knowledgeable and approachable when questions do arise. I highly recommend this school!”

— Kathryn  – PA

“Have had wonderful experiences at both classes I took here!! Christine is amazing as are the instructors!!! ”

— Patty  – PA

“I had such an amazing 2 weeks at ILM! everyone at the Institute is so friendly and helpful! I learned so much and really enjoyed my time at the institute. I would highly recommend ILM to anyone looking to further their career by getting their laser certifications!”

— Christina B.  – Willow Grove, PA

“Absolutely thrilled with my experience all around at ILM. From the moment I signed up, I knew this was going to be an amazing journey! I met so many great people while doing the hands-on training. I cannot wait to get started in the field!”

— Brook J.  – Tarrytown, NY

“Everyone I met at ILM is so nice! Carol and Jill were very informative and made everything easy to understand. I had a great experience and am looking forward to taking advanced classes in the future.”

— Bethany Y.  – Pittsburgh, PA

“Finished up the laser program today and am so sad to not go back! Carol was an amazing teacher, can't say enough wonderful things about the whole team and experience!!! Thank you!!”

— Patty P.  – Exton, PA

“I loved my instruction I received at ILM and LOVE my career in laser medicine!”

—  Carol S.  – Philadelphia, PA

“I am a registered nurse over 25 years and looking to move away from the hospital. This course was recommended by a friend who performs laser hair removal. Lugene, the admission coordinator, was always available and answered all of my questions. We are working on my resume now and I look forward to moving forward in my career. Mike was our instructor, he was very knowledgeable and fun to work with!! Make the change if you are not happy with your current career!!”

 Charleen Betz via

“The comprehensive hands on course was everything I needed to continue my career. Thank you to the entire team. Everyone is so amazing on what they do.”

 Gleny Serafino via

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Carol was great at not only great at teaching the comprehensive material, but extremely knowledgeable about the entire medical aesthetics field as well. It absolutely prepares you for a successful career as a laser technician. I hope to attend more of their classes in the future.”

 Jessie Thiel via

“I did my research first and trust me, ILM is the way to go!

What a fascinating experience I had with the Laser Tattoo Removal course I took with Carol. I cannot rave about it enough! Every step of the process was so pleasant, from my first phone call with Lugene in admissions up until even now when I still have questions. Heather and Gina made sure I had all of the information I needed in order to be prepared for class and everything was so upfront and clear. The staff at ILM was really by my side and you can even hear the senserity in their voices that they care about you as an individual student.

The hands-on training was completely professional yet fun and Carol was extremely knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, encouraging, fair.....basically all of the things you have high expectations to see in an instructor.

The class was run in a fashion that is truly built to get students prepared for their new journey in life. (Also, I cannot speak from personal experience but, I did have classmates who took some of the other classes with ILM and they had only the best things to say about it)

I'm so glad that I didn't get lost in all of the information on the internet and that I made the right choice!”

 Monica Rivera via

“I attended Essential Injection Training Program course in NY in Aug 2017. It was pleasure to work with the professional team. The instructor was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of information about different techniques. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending the Advanced Injection Training Program course.”

 Iryna Gumenchuk via

“Wonderful facility with excellent instructors. ”

 Jd Fulop via

“I'm a student alumni and laser model ever since. The courses are fun and informative, the instructors are knowledgeable and care about their students experience as well as the comfort and safety of the models they treat.

I've been working in the industry since I took this course. There is a demand across a broad spectrum including Dr.'s offices, med spas, even tattoo just have to be assertive and make your own dreams come true!”

 Gigi Santiago via

“I recently finished doing a program with this school, and let me say it was a refreshing and knowledge filled experience. Being a recent graduate of high school I did not think anyone would give me a fair opportunity to excel in my passion. With my entry level certification on my resume, I was lucky enough to obtain a job position at a wonderful establishment. Thank you so much ILM for this opportunity!”

 Amanda Tuley via

“Such a great experience! Great instructor!”

 Victoria Gerlach via

“Llugene was a great help getting me started. Sharon was a wonderful, patient and knowledgeable teacher. The staff was cheerful, polite and extremely helpful. I found myself surrounded by professionals who truly enjoyed their craft. It was a great experience and I can't wait to continue my education with you. Thank you all for helping my growth, personally and for the future of my career.”

 Dee Slomowitz via

“If you ever need or want to change your career. Institute of Laser medicine is for you. I went my experience was awesome. Gina and Heather I thank you so much.

You both are wonderful teachers.”

 Chickie Montalvo via

“I am from Pittsburgh and am attending the school now and am completely in love with it! Gina is an amazing teaching and I can't wait to go home and find my new career”

 Dana Siegler via

“To learn and to succeed A lot depends on the teachers

Thank you very much

You are the key to our success”

 Liora Thause via

“What an amazing experience ! I would recommend ILM to anyone interested in getting certified in laser tattoo removal !

I look forward to a long relationship with ILM !!!”

 Joy Jessica via

“I'm so proud of my little sister! She never knew what she wanted to do but with no experience before class, she is exceeding so well because of this school! and I just wanted to say a special thank you to Lugene for helping her to find her passion and create a wonderful future for her life! ”

 Tara Lyn via

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