Laser Tattoo Removal Classes | Expert Level Instruction On Live Models

Laser Tattoo Removal Classes

If you are seeking an exciting career in laser tattoo removal, ILM can help. With a mix of hands-on and classroom-style learning, we can prepare you for a professional career in medical aesthetics. Learn through working closely with a highly skilled educator on live models to assess and determine the best course of treatment for laser tattoo removal.

Get trained in laser tattoo removal

As a laser tattoo removal professional, you can help your clients achieve their goals of eliminating unwanted tattoos. This profession is becoming increasingly popular as patients look to permanently remove old tattoos.

Our skilled educators will teach you how to evaluate a patient’s tattoo, provide them with detailed treatment information, and explain the type of results they can expect from laser tattoo removal. Through our hands-on training program, we will ensure you have the knowledge and skill to effectively provide this treatment on your clients. Topics covered will include skin typing, laser safety, treatment protocols, skin reactions, and post-treatment protocols. Training from our skilled staff and hands-on experience will give you the confidence you need to work in this growing field.

Is this the class for me?

If your goal is to become skilled in laser tattoo removal, this class is ideal for you. Please note that the limitations on who can perform various cosmetic laser treatments vary from state to state. ILM recommends you check with your state regulatory agencies for more information.


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Laser tattoo removal students gaining hands-on experience.

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