Institute for Laser Medicine: Laser Hair Removal and Laser Tattoo Removal Training in Philadelphia



“As a nurse in my first year of practice it has been really important to me that I invest well in my education and I was THOROUGHLY impressed with the essential injector course for neurotoxins and dermal fillers that ILM provides. Tricia was an amazing educator and instructor. You could feel her passion for aesthetics radiate through the energy she provided us during class, and she was a wealth of knowledge for the students. I felt like I got my money's worth out of this course and had heard from several nurses, NPs and PAs that most certification courses are scams to mostly push products, but ILM felt truly informative with their approach. Tricia and Sadie were well prepared, easy to get along with, warm, and funny. They welcomed and encouraged questions and always made sure we were confidently practicing on our models. We spent the better part of the day doing hands on and observation and we all learned from each student because of Tricia's tricks and tips she's learned over her 10 years of injection experience. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with this course and I will definitely be doing more through ILM... especially with Tricia and Sadie!”

— Caitlyn  – 

“Dana was a great teacher. Very patient and informative. Having the school supply people to work on was thoughtful. It gave a good amount of time for each of us to get comfortable with the technique.”

— Marissa  – 

“Hey everyone! Just completed the injecting course and it was definitely a fun and exciting exciting experience. For all you male nurses who are interested just hop right in! We can be extra beautified too 😎 Other than that Michael was great! Made the class fun and he’s very knowledgeable! Highly recommend this course!”

— Dante  – 

“This was a very informative class that was a perfect introduction to injections! They were very organized and quick to respond. Michael was a wonderful instructor! Not only was he a great hands-on teacher, he offered some great comedic relief along the way. I highly recommend this class to anyone!”

— Jenna  – 

“Both the laser tattoo removal and the comprehensive laser instructors deserve a 5. I loved that I was able to see everything. The actual machine and the videos were great. I learned so much in the courses I took! I am a recent graduate from esthetics school and this class actually helped me grasp things more than school did. I recommended it to my friends from school. Print out the workbook! It’s so worth it. I was able to keep up the whole time. I was able to answer questions and participate and it’s great to have after as well. ”

— Melvin  – 

“I have just completed the new online training course and highly recommend ILM! The trainers all work in the field and are very knowledgeable. The course material was comprehensive and covered more than I even knew was out there! During the course, we were able to hear from multiple laser companies which made things exciting!”

— Becca  – 

“Michael was a great instructor. He was very knowledgeable and the class was very informative. It was a friendly learning environment for learners of all skill levels. I would definitely recommend taking a class with Michael if you are interested in learning how to administer injectables”

— Joanne M.  – 

“LOOK NO FURTHER! I completed the comprehensive laser and tattoo removal training courses at ILM. This was one of the greatest decisions of my life y’all! Their staff/ instructors are absolutely amazing and have tons of experience! Utilizing the BEST machines in the market (Candela) had to be one of my favorite parts of training. I refuse to use any other brand. Working as a laser tech for a year now, this training has taught me everything and more to give my career the extra spice it needed( : I could really go on and on….so just do yourself a favor. and go. take. their. courses!”

— Lexi P.  – 

“I took the Essential Injections Training in Botox and Fillers with Mike Murray and it was amazing!!! The class is perfect to learn the basics and fundamentals of injections. He makes sure your first time injecting someone is as safe and precise as possible, and makes sure your model also has great results. It was an excellent experience and I would recommend the class to everyone interested in cosmetic injections.”

— Victoria V.  – 

“I had Jodi for an instructor and I couldn’t have gotten luckier. As a new registered nurse trying to break into the field of medical aesthetics, Jodi was very patient, caring, and comforting to everyone in her presence. For the PRP portion of the class I had to do my first blood draw, and I was very nervous!!! (especially on my mom who won’t hold back) Jodi was by my side, step by step, and I give her all the credit for me getting it first try😌 Overall if you learn best surrounded by good people who love what they do (and are GREAT at it too) I suggest any classes at ILM. 2 more classes to go!”

— Alexandra F.  – 

“I obtained my certificate on Friday and I can say that this school is the best decision I have ever made! Not only is everyone fun, motivating and helpful, they also make the educating process easy for everyone to learn! The best part is hands on which is the fun part! You’ll get to receive and give treatments to your classmates and make the most out of the experience. I am a recent Esthetician graduate and with my certification that I just obtained, I can work in a medical setting which was always my goal! I plan on taking more courses very soon. You will not regret the decision on taking a course at this institute!”

— Taylor T.  – 

“I have taken the one day injectable class with Michael and the four day comprehensive laser course with Jodi and both classes have been outstanding. The instructors are very knowledgeable and approachable when questions do arise. I highly recommend this school!! ”

— Kathryn M.  – 

“This was a very informative class that was a perfect introduction to injections! They were very organized and quick to respond. Michael was a wonderful instructor! Not only was he a great hands-on teacher, he offered some great comedic relief along the way. I highly recommend this class to anyone! ”

— Jenna P.  – 

“I'm thankful for this course, I love Michelle ,you are the best!”

— Ana O.  – 

“I just took the class in Fairfax and the instructor Kim was AMAZING!! She was so incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share everything she knows. I felt incredibly comfortable and confident by the end of class. I can’t wait to start using all my new skills. Appreciate you so much Kim!!! ”

— Brittany L.  – 

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