Institute for Laser Medicine: Laser Hair Removal and Laser Tattoo Removal Training in Philadelphia



“I was referred to the Institute for Laser Medicine by a colleague to take an injections class and my experience was 5 stars. My first experience was taking the essential injections class with Melina, who is an amazing teacher, very down to earth and personable. She knows how to be professional while also taking the time to make sure her students know what they are doing and feel comfortable. I returned the following week to take the advanced injections class and now I feel confident in my injecting skills and would recommend the Institute of Laser Medicine to all of my friends and colleagues. The office is also very clean and modern looking and very inviting. Sadie, Christine, and Brittany were all helpful in making my experience the best!”

— Matthew  – 

“I attended Advanced Training for Tox and Filler last December in PA. It was a very small class which gave us an ample opportunity to learn the skills and feel confident. Melina was our instructor. She is an incredible person, most talented and the most patient. During the entire day we have a continuous set of questions which Melina patiently explained with accompanying rationale behind the procedure, dosing and if procedure is appropriate for the clients. I had attended my basic class with another school and what a big difference especially the class size and the attention given to the students. I felt comfortable the whole time. I have recommended ILM to my colleagues. I will definitely go back even it took me an hour and half to get there. Melina, I have been around going to seminars and trainings and have never had an instructor like you. The confidence you gave us is priceless. Thank you.”

— Cynthia  – 

“Signed up for the essentials course and it was so amazing, I had to come back the following day for advanced injectors course! Tricia was so incredibly kind and knowledgeable! I have never felt more at ease and I learned so much that I know will help me in my practice! Christine was also at this training and her willingness to work with me so I could make it work for the following class, was more than I could have asked for! Everyone was incredibly kind and professional, counting down till I can book my next training!”

— Elizabeth  – 

“When I tell you this was the best experience of my life, I MEAN IT!! I went to this school to become a Certified Laser Technician and being new to this field I had to idea what to expect. First and foremost my mentor Janine is beyond talented and taught me and my fellow classmates SOOO much!!! She went over absolutely everything you need to know about the Laser/Medspa industry, laser technologies and how to properly use each laser. She made us feel so confident in this career choice and to take these classes. I rate this school 10000/10 and it has everything to do with Janine Slater! If you are interested in becoming a Laser Technician don’t hesitate to start here and take this class with Janine seriously its so worth it!”

— Gabriele  – 

“As a nurse in my first year of practice it has been really important to me that I invest well in my education and I was THOROUGHLY impressed with the essential injector course for neurotoxins and dermal fillers that ILM provides. Tricia was an amazing educator and instructor. You could feel her passion for aesthetics radiate through the energy she provided us during class, and she was a wealth of knowledge for the students. I felt like I got my money's worth out of this course and had heard from several nurses, NPs and PAs that most certification courses are scams to mostly push products, but ILM felt truly informative with their approach. Tricia and Sadie were well prepared, easy to get along with, warm, and funny. They welcomed and encouraged questions and always made sure we were confidently practicing on our models. We spent the better part of the day doing hands on and observation and we all learned from each student because of Tricia's tricks and tips she's learned over her 10 years of injection experience. I can't say enough about how impressed I was with this course and I will definitely be doing more through ILM... especially with Tricia and Sadie!”

— Caitlyn  – 

“LOOK NO FURTHER! I completed the comprehensive laser and tattoo removal training courses at ILM. This was one of the greatest decisions of my life y’all! Their staff/ instructors are absolutely amazing and have tons of experience! Utilizing the BEST machines in the market (Candela) had to be one of my favorite parts of training. I refuse to use any other brand. Working as a laser tech for a year now, this training has taught me everything and more to give my career the extra spice it needed( : I could really go on and on….so just do yourself a favor. and go. take. their. courses!”

— Lexi  – 

“Education started before the class, instructor is thorough, approachable and respectful as I am at begin of my laser journey . Encouraged to explore all aspects is inspiring , all doors are open, it's up to me which one/ones I walk through Before committing to this class I had investigated other schools and certification programs, this was the best choice for me.”

— Stephanie  – 

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