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The Tale of the Tattooed Mummy

The earliest sign of tattooing has dated back to 5,300 years when a mummy was found along the Italian Alps that had several tribal tattoos embedded into his bone. Tattooing has since evolved dramatically over the years. From tiny tribal India ink symbols to intricate pieces of artwork that stretch across a person’s entire body, there is no doubt that tattooing has become a social norm. Everywhere you turn someone is tattooed! One recent study showed that 1 in every 5 Americans has at least one tattoo.

With the new social norm of tattoos, there are bound to be many that are regrets. Laser Tattoo Removal is one of the highest in-demand treatments now more than ever. Usually the reasons for removal or regret are due to a drunken mistake or an ex-lovers name, but sometimes removal is for those who have simply “grown out” of their tattoos and want to make room for more!

In order to completely capture a client’s tattoo vision and achieve good results, tattoo artists are asking that their clients have their tattoos laser removed (or faded) before coming in for a cover-up.

There are many myths surrounding laser tattoo removal. A top myth is that it will leave behind a big ugly scar and will permanently ruin the skin. This is simply not true. Laser tattoo removal is very safe and when properly administered, with the correct settings, patients will see little to no scarring (of course this involves a great at home care plan as well).

At ILM, you can learn about Laser Tattoo Removal and get certified in one of the fastest growing aesthetic treatments in the industry.

Contributed by: Jillian Norton, Specialty Instructor, ILM

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