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The Truth About Light Based Acne Therapy

If you are thinking about taking your acne therapy or treatment to the next level, you have a wide number of options at your disposal. When you are considering a higher level treatment for your acne, it is always best to fully understand what you are getting into before you make the investment. Here we reveal the truth about light based acne therapy, so that you don’t have to go into these higher level treatments with questions, concerns, or worse, fear.

What is light based acne therapy?

Light based acne therapy is exactly what it sounds like, an acne therapy using light to target your problem areas. There are many different kinds of light based acne treatment, and the kind you go with will depend on the extent of your acne. This treatment is generally managed over a few or several sessions depending on your acne. Your skin is exposed to the light therapy with the low intensity light beams acting directly on and destroying the bacteria in the oil glands of the affected areas. The lights will dry up and eradicate any excess production of oil, and eradicate your acne.

Who Its Best For

This treatment is best for people with moderate to severe acne that are having problems seeing results using other methods of acne therapy or treatment.
Are there side effects?

You may experience some temporary dryness or redness to the area that is being treated.

Is it permanent?

Light based acne therapy is one of the more permanent methods of acne treatment, but as acne is an ongoing problem, you may require ongoing treatment. Many studies have shown light based acne therapy results to last as long as two years or even longer.

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